Leah's House Mission & Vision

Our goal is that they will understand how important they are to God, and that their lives have worth. We will take them through the plan of salvation as the answer to life and show them with God’s help they can overcome any adversity. We want them to develop the ability to self-sustain, knowing there is support for them through faith and community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide adult women with a 3 to 12 month Biblical foundation for approaching problems. Our discipleship program teaches women to look to the Word of God for answers.

Clean & Safe Environment
Restoration • Discipleship

Our Vision

Our vision is to help adult women become productive citizens who are able to help others. Leah’s House provides a clean, Christian setting that offers the following:

Biblical Foundation • Social Support • Future Planning
Sense of Purpose • Accountability

Admission and Requirements

We are not a half-way house or medical intervention center. Leah’s House does not provide any type of detox; therefore, you must be completely free of alcohol/drugs before admission.

We do not have on site medical or psychiatric treatment; therefore, those on psychotropic medication are not candidates for this program. Medication for basic health problems (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) are allowed as there is access to off-site medical treatment. All residents are subject to random drug testing. For the health and safety of our staff and residents, background checks, TB testing, and HIV testing are also required.

All residents are under 24 hours supervision and are not allowed to leave the facility without a staff member. All new residents are placed on a two week probationary period to ascertain if our program will best suit the needs of the resident.

For more information and/or to begin the admission process, call 662-703-9806.

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