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Meet Some of Our Graduates

Our goal is for adult women to develop a relationship with Christ, understand how important they are to God and realize their lives have worth. We teach the plan of salvation and show them how to overcome any adversity with God’s help.

Through the process of healing…

Meet Monica
After graduation from Leah’s House, Monica became House Manager for a short time where she learned to mentor others through the process of healing. She is now working full time and reads her Bible daily as she continues to grow in her faith.

She confirmed her salvation through Jesus…

Meet Tina
Tina was baptized as an infant, but she remembers the day she confirmed her salvation through Jesus. She wanted to follow his example in baptism. She said,”If Jesus did it and had no sin, then I definitely should too for reiteration that I chose a new beginning. It meant a lot because it was personal between me and God.”

A closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ…

Meet Ronna
“Leah’s House brought me to a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. They helped me to grieve the loss of my 19-year-old son in a healthy way. I was able to stop using drugs and acquired the skills I needed to cope during my stay there. They also taught me that God is a forgiving God. I loved being at Leah’s House.”

Much needed time for me to find myself in God’s eyes…

Meet Terri
“After serving seven years in prison, my stay at Leah’s House was divinely guided. I’ve always searched for love in friendships, drugs, sex, and men. I found God’s love for me in such a sweet, loving environment. Leah’s House provided much needed time for me to find myself in God’s eyes.”
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